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Hi Glen,I have seen your maps before on twitter and on here and...

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    Hi Glen,

    I have seen your maps before on twitter and on here and top kudos for the detail and info that you provide.

    I'm based in the UK holding quite a bit of Greatland at the moment so your map of the Paterson is particularly interesting (but I have also noted the one you produced a while back with the Greatland Bromus prospect). I've noted that you show the tenement E 45/5533 which is 2 below Havieron (directly below RIO) as "contested". I've checked on the Emits website and it shows that Greatland have applied for that tenement and shows as pending....


    I couldn't see any objections when I clicked on the Application Tracking button either - I'm not questioning you - I have bugger all experience when it comes to this but am trying to educate myself a bit as I can see good opportunities in the coming years (not just with Greatland).

    Anyway the nub of the question is - is there a good reason why you show it as "contested" and is there somewhere else that I need to look to see this information.

    Thanks in advance - Paddy
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