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    One of the things about litthium batteries and technolgy is they are providing same torque and and energy impacts as what once was air or electric or petrol in small for use tooling . Now if you buy a blower for doing the sweeping of the garden path you just pull out the battery one .

    I was looking at some cleaners recently we hired and nearly all their tools were battery operated except the brooms the flew off on .

    Now i expect a lot of gardeners are probably going this way ? Service industry stuff .Its both quiet and economic and i think these people wouldnt be buying it if A its wasnt economic and B Convenient.

    Demand is just getting over the cost curve for the marketers who sell after the designers have done their stuff why i think anyone is happy sell or let people access the technology cheaply ? Come up with a better storage for energy the dynomoes on the pushbikes round the world are going pedal it .

    You mitght see the pedal car come back in different form . Instead of a lycra clad bike rider running into the back of the car it maybe a set of pedals to jump start yourself ?

    Beside its just electricty it lends itself to anything that can create the charge at about ninty percent discharge effecincy . ie dollar in ninety cents out coin flipping thinking . ie vege maths stuff you have market to .
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