Short Term Trading Week Starting: 11th July, page-10

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    The rules for  "Genuine Re-rates" are as follows:-

    1. Tip must be older that 8 Weeks before being considered for the Genuine Re-rate category.
    2. An average closing price is calculated starting 8 weeks after tipping to current day. The last closing price  must be at least 50% of that average price to qualify as a valid entry.  
    3.  Tips older than 12 months will not be considered for Genuine Rerate (Ie Tips expire after 12 months)
    4. Stock rising as a result of share consolidation will be excluded  

    The key to being a winner in this section of the STT Comp (Genuine Re-rates) is you must demonstrate the ability to pick stocks that will “go up” and more importantly “stay up”.

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