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    Rules of the Short Term Trading Competition 2.0

    1. Start date of the new Short Term Trading Competition is 01 Jan 2019.
    2. A tip can be submitted only for the Head stock (i.e. no Options or Warrants are allowed).
    3. A tip is not considered a valid entry if it is not submitted in (or in an acceptable variation of) the correct format as specified in the “Tip Submission Guidelines” section below.
    4. A tip is also not considered a valid entry if the same tipster submits another entry for the same stock on the basis of the same Fundamental Analysis (FA) or Technical Analysis (TA), whilst the corresponding previous tip is active.
    5. Same stock could be tipped twice, each on the basis of TA and FA.
    6. The official submission date and time for a tip will be the recorded date and time of the HotCopper post containing the valid tip entry.
    7. A tip will be live from the OPEN on the next market day after the tip was submitted and will expire following 4 weeks of life.
    8. A tip is considered a Win if the stock records a 25% gain or a 25% fall, respectively for Long or Short positions, from the entry price during the life of the tip.
    9. Twelve (12) month Accuracy of a tipster is calculated as the percentage of Wins over Total Picks for the current 1-year period, to two decimal points (eg. for 8 wins from 17 picks, Accuracy is 47.06%). A tipster with less than 5 tips during the current 1-year period will not be qualified for Accuracy assignment. (Note: the limit of tips to qualify for Accuracy will be kept at 5 for the first three months of the competition, and will be increased to 10 on the 1st of July 2019.)
    10. Eight (8) weeks Accuracy of a tipster is calculated similar to the Rule 9 above, with the cut-off set at 3 minimum tips for a period of weeks.
    11. Tipsters are ranked based on the Accuracy. When two or more tipsters achieve the same accuracy, higher rank will be assigned to the tipster with higher number of wins during the current 1-year period. If two or more players are still tied, the player with the higher annual win rate will be assigned the higher ranking.
    12. A tipster must beat two other qualified players AND record Accuracy above 0% to achieve any of the Accuracy awards (and the jerseys) in the respective categories. For example, to win the Second Highest Accuracy in the Last 12 Months and the Red jersey, there must be two other qualified tipsters ranked lower down the list.
    13. Results of the Tipping Competition will be published on the current STT thread on a weekly basis, on the first trading day of the week.
    14. A tipster will be excluded from ranking calculations if failed to submit a tip within the past 12 weeks (84 days) from the report cut off.

    Tip Submission Guidelines

    1. To enter a tip into the STT Tipping Competition, a tipster must create a new post (the Post) in the current Short Term Trading Weekly or Weekend threads.
    2. The Post must contain a first line in the following syntax: STTCOMP [Ticker][Type][Direction]. Example: STTCOMP ABC FA LONG, where ABC denotes the stock code (ticker). Note: Tips are extracted by an automated search,therefore, any deviation from the above standard syntax might exclude a tip from the search, hence may not be considered a valid entry.
    3. Following the first line of the Post explained above, it must contain a brief overview of the stock, including information such as Shares on Issue (SOI), Market Cap (MC), Cash in Hand (CiH) and its main business / operations.
    4. Then the Post must contain a detailed description of the Catalyst or Reason the tipster expects to move the stock price. For example, an upcoming event/reason (FA tip) or a chart setup (TA tip) which would be the catalyst to move the price of the stock. Tips with poor descriptions or containing only graphics (even though the graphics. i.e. charts with texts, may present substantial backing) might void the entry.
    5. If a tipster intends to enter tips for both TA and FA for the same stock, two separate posts must be created.

    See a sample entry below:



    Bauxite Explorer in Queensland and WA

    Market Cap (MC) $5m

    Cash in Hand (CiH) $1.5m.

    Top 5 shareholders hold 80% so very tightly held Fallen from grace last year after its lead Bauxite project Pisolite Hills which was moving towards production and had off-take agreements in place was placed in a mining ban area.Company is pushing ahead with its secondary project Bauxite Hills which is fairly advanced and has a PFS already. Company has the support and backing of major shareholder MTE who has pledged to use its cash reserves to assist in project development.

    Given the huge re-rating of QBL over the past few weeks and the many similarities the 2 companies seem to share, similar tight share structures, favourable locations to port and infrastructure, shallow near surface deposit amenable to free digging and so low-cost mining and extraction. CBX might be well positioned for a large re-rating too.


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