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I can see @ammie has already answered your question. I thought I...

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    I can see @ammie has already answered your question. I thought I would explain a bit more on how it works exactly.

    Currently the cut off is 5 tips. Now, if you have a look at the Hall of Fame, you will see the top section of the table only contains tipsters that have submitted 5 or more tips (green zone).

    Now consider these two players:

    With current rules, Kiwi is qualified with 5 tips. However, BoZ does not have a rank as he only has 4 tips to date despite of 50% accuracy, thus sitting in the grey zone.
    For arguments sake if BoZ submits a tip before Monday, he will be qualified / ranked and sitting next to you with same Accuracy (assuming tip does not go past 25% by the report cutoff).
    The beauty is, if BoZ submits a tip now and go past 25% before Friday's close, he will have 60% Accuracy and will most likely win the Red Jersey.

    In your case kiwi - if you do not meet minimum requirement of 10 tips by 1st of July, you will be just sitting in the grey zone, below the qualified group of tipsters. Whenever you reach 10 tips mark, you will be ranked accordingly and placed back in the green zone.

    Personally, I would not rush to meet the 10 tips mark and would accumulate only quality tips.

    Cheers, CC
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