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Firstly, please know that you have our deepest sympathies on the...

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    Firstly, please know that you have our deepest sympathies on the loss of your husband @kmac. STT community’s thoughts and prayers are with you…

    A bit of commentary on this week’s results and a few developments…

    No changes to the jerseys - the five jersey holders continue for another week. @Eclectic_nish had a bit of challenge from @nakamoto for the third spot, but the former’s superior Avg Win rate saves him/her.

    @TrueblueAuzzie and @peejayhercules had a tie for the Purple too, but True’s better Avg Win rate lets him keep the jersey.

    Following @FullMoonFever 's request last week, I incorporated a 12 weeks’ cut-off to determine activeness of the tipsters. I introduced a new column at the end of Hall of Fame table so that everyone can monitor if any trouble is coming their way.No immediate threats to the tops rankers, but notably, @bosco222 (67 days) and @Eclectic_nish (56 days) are closer to the cut-off (84 days) than the others.
    (any errors in this column, please let me know.)

    Can I also recommend @Mundo122 , @Eclectic_nish, @nakamoto@kiwijuice and @peejayhercules from the top ten to consider a few more tips to reach 10 total tips by 1st of July.

    Lycka Till everyone...
    Cheers, CC
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