TFC 7.42% $1.31 tfs corporation limited

Short term speculations with shorter's in mind for TFC

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    The old post thread hit over 12,000 views, time for some new action albeit for only a few months.

    Firstly I should declare that a over a couple of years ago this was one for my favourite stocks. Now I consider it as a good tool in the shed that needs to be worked over to obtain a greater benefit than just holding on long term.

    Please these are only my own theories and speculations. DYOR

    I saw the volumes (big peak) on 15 Feb 2.88M with the share price closing down on the previous days close 1.555. Big sign that somethings afoot. The close of that day 1.54, also that the close 4 days later 21 Feb was 1.49 and volumes were up in the last two days. The shorter's had begun playing.

    Then Masterblaster posted a link to Bloomberg about TFC which was an enhanced investor presentation. Its a good one, I have no problems with it at all.

    My immediate thoughts were that this Bloomberg post will interfere with my first point of entry with TFC at around 1.44-1.46. Bugger. It still might do so.

    Then I checked TFC shortman's percentage today its at a record 12.5% (No 4). The boy's are still in the game and still playing.

    I initially though that this next coming week would be where they caused some action. Don't get me wrong the still might. But is a softer way rather than an all out attack (bots and some mid volume sales).

    However my pure speculation theory is that the real action will occur after the half year announcement. WHY?

    I cleared out allot of good tools in my shed (profit makers) on December 28th which I posted. These included TFC , ALU, ACX, IPD, NAN, IGO, ORE, SYR and others. Many of these are shorted and in the top 100 shortman's list

    So many of them have reported their six monthly accounts in the over the last week.
    * ALU revenue grew by 14%, EDITDA grew by 25% int div went from 10c to 11c share price dropped from 8.43 to 7.80 in two days.

    * ACX (heavily shorted (No2) sold Dec28 =5.10 after announcement 30 Jan fell to 2.92. I bought at 3.16 on the fall and then rose to 4.05. Sold my purchase at 3.79 and after the six monthly results announced ( revenue up 38%, ebitda up 9%, good results) fell today to 3.40

    IGO , NAN are the same story.

    Alright Lies what are you getting at?

    My speculation is that the big shorter's play will be made after the six monthly announcement. If the results are just within guidance with nothing spectacular announced (like and Interim dividend of 0.5c) then game on.

    Just a theory. Only to rules to follow if the shorter's play.

    Rule one don't sell.

    Rule 2 don't sell.

    Good luck folks.

    Cheers Lies.
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