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short selling? or naked short selling?

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    to be honest im quite new to the trading market but everyday i learn more and more, rfe isn't the first one to be hit from, people who discovered it later on, i believe are the ones who are trying to drop the price as low as they possibly can before there big company's buy in.. and as far i've seen nothing has been going up so they are profiting big, once again i have no proof of this, its just the conclusion i come to i mean nothing has changed but the oil prices, ontop of that we have just been having good news after another good news, more wells after another deeper then another, i've seen these kinda situations happen to alot of companies that are doing well, and so far for the day there has only been 4 trades, i urge you all to hold onto your shares at least until we get a negative feedback, a close friend of mine who panic'd during November and sold all his shares 60,000+ units at 99cents, he also copped it from tax for not holding onto them over 12months, just by that lost 10,000 but he learnt his lesson.. Don't just concentrate on rfe there are plenty other stocks experiencing the same problem, its just about time that rfe starts thinking about there original shareholders who were there with them from the start and to get management to put his head out of his ***.. i strongly believe as hard as to say telstra's the only one who takes care of there shareholders more then they take care of there customers.

    If we all wrote a letter to rfe and show em that they aren't treating the Shareholders with the respect they deserve for trusting and believe in what rfe is capable of..
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