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    GXY could do better at informing the market and could be progressing faster but none the less GXY is progressing toward its strategicintention of becoming a major supplier to the undeniable and disruptive energy storage and Electric Vehicle Industry .

    So many value adding announcements over the last 18 months and many more on the horizon has only seen the share price slide, the number of Short positions rise and an unknown entity profit on paper from GXY's forcibly reduced value. This combined with the in progress development pipeline has now resulted in a phenomenal investment opportunity.

    Why is the paper profit not turned into a monetary profit?
    Are they CoveredShorts borrowed from someone else (major shareholders?)?
    Or are they NakedShorts operating in the loop holes that the privileged wealthy corporations can access?

    They now have approx. 70M shares to cover creating circa 50% of daily volume and probably have a share in the remaining 50% of daily volume. Is this control, manipulation, scare mongering or is it purely the result of the ability to make a profit?

    The profit might be realized when the shares are returned to the register / or owner.
    But the longer the short position is left open it is allowing more value to be added to the company assets.
    Which will start to see the buying increase and the Short Position Risk Increase. This will lead to a ShortCovering and a buying frenzy as the SP heads north creating the risk of the ShortSqueeze.

    Electric vehicles and Energy Storage is a disruptive technology which has been manipulated and squashed for many years, however the tide has turned and the adoption is in full swing.

    Call it what you want but it has been a large effort involving hundreds of millions of dollars and high level smear campaigns to drive the Lithium sector down along with GXY share price to the level it is today. Its sophisticated corporations Shorting andDistorting and using their financial clout to ControlCompanies. Each Lithium stock has its designated companyManipulator working the key board daily to scare investors and maintain bearish sentiment. Every thread is high jacked by our manipulators but their risk of short squeeze is growing daily although well hidden by anonymous, confident and smug comments from behind their corporate desks.

    We will either see a takeover or a short squeeze and a healthy re-rate. No one knows when this will happen, it could be in 6 months or two years but either way an investment at these levels will be very rewarding ROI. We have measures in place to resist an aggressive take over so the chances of a short squeeze are increasing daily along with the chances of more investors hoping on board to share in the profits.

    Either way to close the trade and make a profit they still must buy back or return the shares that they originally sold. That's a lot of upside due back to the market cap.

    We continued our march forward to become major suppliers and a profitable company with a product that is only seeing demand rise especially if the cost of the product decreases through more supply it will then be an avalanche effect and maybe that is why the short profits are not cashed in yet, to help slow the Lithium Battery Adoption and protect existing investments in traditional energy. its worked in the past but it wont work this time, Lithium is her to stay and will be massive. IMO

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