Shock results of a huge poll of voters has revealed there’s something they just can’t get over

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    Australian voters can’t seem to agree on much these days.Whether it’s climate change, immigration or the importance of a Budget surplus, opinions tend to be divided more than ever.But there’s one thing that an overwhelming majority of people believe — dumping Malcolm Turnbull last year was a mistake.That surprising consensus is the result of analysis of the ABC’s Vote Compass data, drawn from more than 150,000 responses over a two-week period this month.It found that 78 per cent of all voters believe replacing Mr Turnbull with Scott Morrison was the wrong call.

    Most voters who identified as Coalition supports also believe it was a mistake, with 42 per cent thinking the decision was good.It’s in stark contrast to the public sentiment surrounding previous deposed PMs.During the 2013 election, Vote Compass found 60 per cent of people believed Labor dumping Julia Gillard to return to Kevin Rudd’s leadership was a good call.

    And in the 2016 campaign, a whopping 81 per cent thought replacing Tony Abbott with Mr Turnbull was the right decision.
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