Ship of fools.

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    It's easy to dump on the Yanks and their military farces, but Russia can take it to an art form.

    I never realised that they don't have an aircraft carrier with a catapult, all they have is a 30 yr old ship with  a "ski ramp" so they can't launch heavily loaded aircraft. Besides, wherever it goes, it has a TUG as escort.

    Play the embedded video.

    The ship spent three months in a floating dry-dock near the port city of Murmansk from August last year in an attempt to remediate these ongoing problems.
    It’s currently undergoing shipbuilders trials in the Barents Sea to ensure its repairs have been effective.
    The Tass story notes that, after its deployment to Syria, the ship is scheduled to return for more modernisation and maintenance work in Severodvinsk.
    The conventionally-powered Admiral Kuznetsov was launched in 1985 at the height of the cold war. Despite having a slew of technical problems since then, it has never been extensively modernised.
    Poorly designed and defective high-pressure steam turbine engines and boilers have been at the heart of the problem. Serious engine breakdowns are a regular event, resulting in the permanent assignment of an accompanying tugboat whener the carrier goes to sea.
    Heavy weather tow
    In one such incident in 2012, Kuznetsov broke-down off the coast of France while in heavy weather.
    A short circuit in the ship’s electrics caused a serious fire in 2009, killing one crew member.
    Just a month later, its at-sea refuelling system ruptured causing a huge oil slick off the coast of Ireland.
    When the ship entered the Mediterranean in 2013 for a series of exercises, the US navy said it had its own ships follow the carrier closely in case of an emergency: “The Kuznetsov might sink”, a source reportedly said.

    Kuznetsov at sea with its full outfit of fighter jets and helicopters. Picture: Russian Ministry of DefenceSource:Supplied
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