Shifty Liberals-where is their policy modelling??

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    The Liberals demand info from Labor when Labor in Opposition has provided more policy info than any Opposition in recent history.

    Shifty Liberals always pointing the finger but when it points back their way its just deflection and excuses and they have all the resources available to govt.

    Morrison and Freydenberg even pretended that the Treasury costed Labor's policies and that was an outright lie because Treasury has come out and categorically stated that they would never do that.

    Shifty as, this mob that shafted Malcolm Turnbull-and Julie Bishop. All those with some integrity having jumped ship. Frydenberg even disgracefully called out Christopher Pyne disrespectfully calling him 'a legend in his own lunchtime'. Deceitful Liberal muppets who stood at the despatch box swearing loyalty to Malcolm Turnbull as they were passing the knives around.

    Cant wait to see the back of them!
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