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shiek of araby hits bong pipe

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    I haven't a clue if this RRS press release has any real value. Have never heard of a penny stock buying up one third of a country. Maybe the Shiek of Araby was hitting his bong pipe and dreamt this up. I haven't a clue as to why anyone would buy into this story. Am googling the web to compare terms with sales of other countries to see if RRS got a fair deal?

    How are the good folks at RRS going to finance the development of this deal? I suspect the place might have a few of those Wahibbi extremist types hanging around and they'll have to spend a fortune on security guards just to get to the toilet when they arrive at the airport in Araby. Maybe that is why they are issuing all of those new shares.

    Good luck to those brave enough to speculate here.
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