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    " Its more the NOTICE OF INTENT holding everything up"
    "With the notice of intent - which is part of the BFS - you've got to do all your flora & fauna surveys and that sort of thing. And we have'nt been able to get in yet"
    Does'nt sound like much of a drama. Just a few flora & fauna surveys and that sort of thing. My understanding is that the applicatication for notice of intent was lodged in December some time. Surely the flora & fauna surveys, and those sort of things would have been completed prior to the application for the notice of intent which was originally lodged in December.
    To me its more like our original notice of intent was'nt up to scratch and were in the process of resubmitting another one. As the old saying says if your going to do something do it right the first. Could save time and money in the long run.

    "Because of the poor conditions Sherlock was unable to restart drilling in late January for pit definition and design"
    To me it sounds like we have'nt found an economically viable way to mine it yet and we need some more time.
    These are just my opinions to any one who may be interested you do your own reseach and make up your own minds.
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