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Sheepdog Time

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    G’day FMS team!

    The objective of this, my first post on Hot Copper, is simply to say that, given the result of the AGM this week, I have now joined the ranks of minority shareholders that are no longer willing to be passive spectators while the true and genuine value of this enterprise(and of course our individual investments in it) continues to be suppressed and de-valued. I refuse to simply play along with the current FMS BOD’s approach(or lack of it) and the fact that their mission is apparently not aligned with that of the minority shareholders. 

    I admit that I do not know the Todd family at all so whatever I may think or say regarding them and/or their motives is pure conjecture on my part. I have every reason to believe they are very good people. In line with that I find it hard to imagine that a family owned and run business, with a reputation as good as theirs, would intentionally set out to gain profit at the clear expense of lesser shareholders. If that had truly been their approach over the many decades they have been growing their businesses I doubt that they would have achieved the wild success they have clearly achieved. And you can call me naïve but I want to believe that this isn’t what is happening in the case of FMS. 

    Yet every dot I am able to connect regarding FMS points to the fact that every opportunity is routinely taken and every effort is routinely made to NOT take positive action which may then, almost certainly, result in a share price rise. Given that this has been what has occurred consistently over so many months(possibly years) the only clear thing I can assume is that this is not happening accidentally which would then of course mean that, in real terms, the share price is being suppressed. I can really only come up with one or two reasons why that might be the case but neither of them points to the Return On Investment that ALL of the shareholders hope to realize through investing their hard earned money in this company. As I said, I really do find it hard to believe that this is what the Todd Family intends as the outcome for the FMS minority shareholders.  

    In life there are three types of people – sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. The sheep are the ones that do what everybody else does. They don't think - they just follow the crowd. The wolves are the ones that prey on the naïve and unprepared sheep. The sheepdogs are the ones that step in and stand up to the wolves and their wrongdoings. As I look back on my many decades of life I seem to always end up in the sheepdog category. It must be in my DNA or something so I guess I am not surprised that I am comfortable in embracing this situation with FMS. Either way my sleeves are rolled up and I am more than ready. Bring it! 

    While this is my first ever post on Hot Copper you likely won’t see a barrage of posts from me after this. I will though be actively watching and reading the Hot Copper posts with great interest every single day. I now officially add my voice to all of yours and I hope that you are as willing as I am to jump into action and assertively correct this wrong! This is not advice of any type. This is only me, after many many years of being an FMS shareholder, sharing my professional view of the FMS world.

    I invite and welcome any and all comments/observations/corrections/disagreements. I have always believed FMS to be a great opportunity. Sometimes in life though we need to step in and insure that the right thing is done. To my view of the world this is clearly one of those times!

    Tally ho!!!!
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