sharon is a total fool

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    Proof that Sharon is NOT interested in peace.

    The settlements being one of the main points of contention Sharon's move here is proof that he has no intentention of reaching peace with the Palestinians.

    The war monger Sharon and village idiot Bush what a combination for world peace. Get rid of both and we may have a chance.

    Sharon signs on with settlers' party
    Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has signed an agreement with the hardline political party representing Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, almost certainly ending hopes of his Government including the Labour Party.

    Mr Sharon now has the minimum number of MPs required to govern but in doing so has moved Israel's ruling coalition significantly to the right.

    The National Religious Party (NRP) represents about 200,000 settlers and is vehemently opposed to a Palestinian state.

    After signing the coalition document NRP leader Effi Eitam told army radio that Mr Sharon's Likud Party agreed to enlarge the settlements to accommodate the natural growth of their populations.

    Mr Sharon has already signed an agreement with the Shinui Party which supports a secular Israel and wants many benefits taken away from the ultra-orthodox community.

    Labour leader Amram Mitzna has consistently vowed never to join a Sharon government unless there is an agreement to evacuate the settlements in Gaza and to scale back those on the West Bank.

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