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    That is equal to 450,584,178 on issue at this stage on a diluted basis.

    Soon Cityview will increase its holding in Fortitude to 63.9%, and will issue 67,608,175 shares to Fortitude in return for the increased exposure.

    This will lead to 518,192,353 shares on issue (on a fully diluted basis).

    So what assets will Cityview have? They will own 63.9% of a company who owns Zebra Copper (that did a deal with Simba Mines in which the OTCBB market valued Simba very low). They will also own the diamond licenses. Ciyview does currently not own any oil assets.

    Now how much will the offshore leases cost Cityview? How much will onshore Kwanza cost Cityview? What about Matanda? What about the refinery? How many shares and how much cash will need to be issued to purchase these assets?

    I can see the total shares on issue close to one billion by the end of the year. This will mean that every 10c is equal to $100m on the market cap.

    All is IMO only.

    Good luck.
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