shares and tax time

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    Like to get some opinions on what I feel has been bad service from HR Block. This year was the 1st year where I've had share contracts and divi statements to lodge with my tax return. I notified HR Block whilst booking that I was bringing my share trade details. I had 12 buy/sell contracts stapled together along with my divi statements of around 12 also and went along last Thurs 24/7. They did my wifes basic tax return and after starting mine said they would need to take mine home as it was not your basic return. I had worked out myself all the capital gains and losses on a sheet of paper which they could have checked. They were all basic buy/ sell eg buy 1500/ sell 1500 buy 942/sell 942. I rang up Friday and was told in a slightly unfriendly manner it would take 2 days to do what I was starting to feel as a complicated return but wondered what of the ppl who buy/sell everyday with say 1000 share contracts and divi statements. Ive heard nothing from them since and it seems I need to be chasing them when they should be keeping me informed of there progress. Does this seem like poor service or is it normal when dealing with 12 share trades per year. What of the ppl who have 100's of trades? where do you have your taxes done and how long do they need?

    Thanks in advance.
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