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Consolidation isn’t the worst thing that can happen, delisting...

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    Consolidation isn’t the worst thing that can happen, delisting is obviously a worse case scenario ( and I don’t see this happening to LKO ), however, consolidation definitely effects the return on investment significantly.
    For example, lets say you invested $1,000 and bought a parcel of shares at $0.001, you’d have 1 million shares right.
    Well if they do a 25-1 consolidation, you’d have 250,000 shares now. So, if LKO shares were then to hit $1.00 per share, you’d be worth $250,000, instead of $1,000,000.
    Some of us have millions and millions of shares, so the difference will be massive!
    Call be Optimistic, but I personally believe that LKO will go beyond $1.00 per share, even without a consolidation, especially if they start supplying gas sooner that later and the average Mum and dad investors get on board.
    As previously mentioned in previous post, I prefer if LKO weren’t to consolidate, however, we all know that this is inevitable, and the reason they will do this is to attract bigger players.
    Usually bigger investors don’t get attracted to penny stocks and by consolidating, they obviously feel more secure putting their money into shares into the dollar stage, as opposed to the current price.
    My argument is, why should the guys like us, who have done all the hard yarns and research, have to take a massive hit on investment returns in order to attract bigger players to invest their money into a stock, that I personally believe will go gangbusters, with or without consolidation!
    This is all in my opinion, and please, DYOR!
    Best of luck to all Shareholders!
    Eagerly waiting for LKO to re-list!

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