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Negativity is contagious, until it isn't. DCN being one...

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    Negativity is contagious, until it isn't.

    DCN being one recent example.

    Why investors continue to downtalk stocks on the basis of wanting 24/7 positive news makes me think they are not investors at all, or are simply investing on margin.

    If you can't handle a few down pips you might as well invest in a government bond and be done with it.

    News flash: nothing moves in a straight line.

    If I'd hung around these boards when GOR was trading around 5 cents I would never have seen this through, curled up in the fetus position cursing my bad luck!

    It would seem that the secret to building this billion dollar company from scratch was a combination of 'slackness and carelessness.'

    A billion dollar fluke.

    Change my mind.

    There are lessons to be learned from DCN; you'd be an idiot to think otherwise.

    But let's not compare apples with oranges and engage our brains instead of our emotions in surveying the landscape.

    GOR will be damned if it does and damned if it doesn't, so I dread people losing their minds on these boards knowing in advance none of it will be pleasant.

    The sooner these 'investors' get out the better it will be.

    For their sakes and ours.
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