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    Would all sharholders of Oil Search and those that were OML please e-mail me at [email protected] if you feel you have been misled or are angry at current prices. I ask this because I have spent a lot of time researching this company and its projects and I have spoken to the directors of this company and all I get is conflicting reports between what should be and what is and what is going to be, so I intend to visit the head office of Oil Search and voice my protest and present all documents I have relating to there projects etc.

    To some of you this might seem stupid but you are not me and what I have learnt with this company I know of one director that seems to shy away from the truth and all he seems to say is be patient, they know how much I know and thats why I have promoted such a company and that was based on what I know and when I ask Oil Search to make public what is going on they say no. I dont want to be seen as though I am contradicting myself here but I believe in this project and I know its happening but when I get my information from my own resources I find it hard to believe that no announcement is made and the share price is played around and I am sick of seeing this stock manipulated the way it is.

    If you are not a shareholder of Oil Search please don't write stupid comments but I would appreciate e-mails as Oil Search believes its shareholders are happy at the moment.

    [email protected]

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