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    The days of Shareholders receiving a glossy mag once a year displaying the Co's achievements/aspirations for the year as being the primary source of engagement are long gone. The internet has provided a communication platform for years now that allow the Co. to provide ongoing, current and relevant info upon which (potential) Shareholders can make informed investment decisions.

    Imagine a Co. you are (potentially) invested in regularly informing you of Plant/Equipment issues, production rates and personnel/shift info.
    (eg: what changes/improvements have actually been made over time to produce better recovery/production/operating times -graphs are always good/detail is always good)

    Imagine a Co. that regularly details the end-use of its product(s) so that the (potential) Shareholder gets a more complete picture of what the Co. is about (eg: a shipment was recently sent to a customer in Asia -how much/what was it to be used for/why that customer? What types of customers are actually buying the quarry material -are there new potential markets; if so what/where are they?)

    Imagine a Co. that was pro-active in giving it's (potential) Shareholders a more complete picture of its operations. Waiting many months for generalised updates is so passé.

    SEI has (I believe) a very good story to tell -it just has such a poor communication track record. How many small mining companies own their own assets? The mine is a world-class asset and is the only tungsten mine in production in Australia. How many producing mines have a guaranteed purchaser for their product(s)?

    Far more effort needs to go into informing (potential) Shareholders on a regular basis what the Co. is up to. Detail needs to be provided. The sp is languishing (imho) mainly because of a lack of detailed info from the Co. That the current sp is $0.026c is absurd!

    Many lt-holders ( have serious $s (by our standards) invested in SEI -it's time the level/frequency/detail of engagement with us is upped considerably.

    Recent statements from the "new team" are heavy on "motherhood" statements and light on real info/detail -that needs to change, because until it does we will continue to have a sp that is seriously undervalued, and consequently an investment that is seriously underperforming.
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