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share purchase form

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    Anyone receive this god awful dog of a company,s share retention form today?, I,m an ex Pulsat victim, I have been left with the grand holding of 67 shares after various disgraceful corporate manouvers by these bunnies.

    I am going to hold on to my ever decreasing chance of becoming wealthy with this even lower than a dog company, animals at least have some integrity.

    My $6.70 worth of wallpaper is going to give me huge satisfaction by just remaining on their registry, at least I don,t have to buy a stamp to return the form, talk about the dark side of humour, every time they issue another notice or annual report, they WILL have to send one to me for the next 100 years, the emails they will now receive from me should at least take an employee at least 2 hours a week to answer, revenge is sweet, whatcha reckon a glossy annual is worth?

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