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    Many posts querie the obvious undervaluation of AVL share price.

    The bottom line is that being a small cap, lower priced mining company on the stock exchange there has been limited appeal for large institutions for same reasons.

    However the institutions that are taking positions are not so silly as to bid AVL's price up to true valuation.

    With patience and careful avoidance of competing with other institutions by "taking turns" AVL shares can be accumulated in reasonably large numbers at bargain prices.

    The institution presently taking its turn in accumulating AVL shares is obviously prepared to pay up to 44.5 cents. (Note capping at 45 cents)

    However while private investors are prepared to passover their potential for future gains by selling their shares to institutional buyers at lower prices in reasonable numbers each day --------.

    Not withstanding larger holdings being unloaded from time to time.

    The lack of real bidding for AVL shares which would push shares to true value is the basis of undervaluation.

    That is one reason why listing in Canada is likely to change valuation parameters.

    AVL will no longer be a small cap share hidden away in the world's most isolated city- of little renown around the world.
    A multiplicity of investment groups in Canada and the US will be more eager to take up an undervalued mining company and bid the price to a new level.

    So - yawn - as solid as AVL share price gains have been, the real action is yet to take place.


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