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IMO the majority of the damage has been done by large...

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    IMO the majority of the damage has been done by large holders.

    Now if so, that may be a strategy so they end up with a larger holding at lower prices than otherwise may have been possible, at the cost of smaller more nervous, less well connected holders.

    That is usually how the market ticks over, money moving from small to large hands.

    Easy to speculate negatively, as I have been guilty of in the past, but if properly researched, one should be able to have confidence in ones own position, even though there are no guarantees!

    Current SP is disappointing for sure, but we have all seen how quickly it can change when it gets a run on.

    Now I am free carried, it is much easier to sit back and wait, but I do feel for those heavily invested, watching their paper quickly devalue back to sub 10c - but then don't forget the past 2 or 3 years with the SP hovering between 3 and 7c!



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