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“I thought the SP might drop to the CR level and get stuck for a...

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    “I thought the SP might drop to the CR level and get stuck for a while - and of course, it still might, but it looks like most are waiting for the price to move higher.”

    I have been wondering how many other holders think that which leaves me wondering if the selling that we did see was a few of the cr participants or was it instead non cr participants that sold some of their shares anticipating a sp dip back to 14.5 and hoping to buy back near that level?
    Any top 20 that bought would know what the liquidity is like on market so they would have to have had a longer term time frame buying on the cr. There was a heavy scale back and large demand for the cr so I didn’t expect the larger participants to be selling any where near 14.5 considering they wanted more at that level. They may instead have been the ones buying at 15 and 15.5 as it reached those levels and they might also have been buying at 16 after the selling at 15 and 15.5 slowed. Even at 15-16c they wouldn’t be able to pick up the amount of stock that got scaled back. The scale back was $2.3mill which is nearly 16mill shares that were rejected in the scale back. With that much demand knocked back, you would think some of those would be buying on market now before the price breaks out of this trading range and larger players can’t get their fill at any one price level like small shareholders can do.

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