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    The chart you show is excellent to illustrate that a pullback to around 1.70 was always on the cards.
    What has happened from 1.70 to 1.14 is probably partly due to the broader lithium pullback and also the shorting activity/ panic selling.
    Is there any credence to kdr losing their tenements because of warden court? It would be hard to believe but stranger things have happened in the world. People panic when they see sp going south and there is talk of warden court, sqm slowing project down, lithium over supply, etc etc
    Realistically the big end of town does not want to pay top dollar for kdr shares so it is in their interest to drive sp down.
    The reality is lithium business is/and will be booming next decade.
    It needs to be talked down a little and that is what's happening on many fronts. China does not want to pay top dollar for all the raw materials for the battery business.
    Nor does BMW, Posco , Tesla. Etc etc.
    For it to work it has to be affordable for average people.
    Of course its been mentioned that kdr probably won't exist in the future, so a take over is not out of the question. So maybe that's what's going on.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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