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share price behaviour of ept, vcr and blt

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    Share price behaviour of EPT, VCR and BLT.

    All three stocks have one thing in common: they produce items which were not generally known but are now popular with the population at large.

    Starting with BLT, following an Announcement, it rapidly rose with retracements from 90 cents to $1.30.
    The resident Chartist then warned about the steep slope of the graph and that a retracement was in the offing.

    The market discussed that and decided to consolidate for a couple of weeks. Finally, a breakout occurred and we are back on a beautiful uptrend: See post 125009:

    This process was repeated when VCR was $1.80. Again consolidation took place and a breakout occurred following an Announcement and the supply of plentiful information.

    Again, the situation looks good and we are now waiting on the US MEDICARE resolution to subsidize the LVAD's and the clinical care needed. We hope to get that approval on Sept. 15.

    When we do get it then a share price lift can be expected - this includes VCR - followed by a greater Institutional investment, assuming that the current trial will produce successful results as is expected.
    EPT has a very desirable product: MELANOTAN. The world wants it- See article at end of this post.
    It was heavily under-rated till finally it came on the radars of the Investors and prices rapidly rose.

    EPT like VCR also has top-class communications and thus the Investor is well informed at the right time.
    The share price rose from 80 cents to 94 cents when the following statement was released:

    1. The current phase II trial to complete on Sept. 11 and a preliminary report to be issued early Oct.
    2. EPT to approach the FDA for the purpose of beginning trials in the US using implants.
    3. The Implant trial started in Australia some time ago.
    4. EPT is to actively discuss Commercialisation with a suitable Partner.
    5. And is to accelerate the trial program. Presumably, they are referring to Phase III also.

    Comments: Current thinking is that EPT will select a Partner who will finance Phase III (or most of it) and then look after the commercialisation with a milestone payment to EPT and royalties to come. Products will be implants and lotions. The latter is being looked at.

    No side effects are expected as the molecule of the drug is too large to penetrate the very deep layers below the skin.

    Extract: "With the Phase II trial underway, Melanotan is at an advanced stage on the path to commercialisation. EpiTan will apply for approval for Melanotan firstly in Australia through the local regulatory authority.

    Shortly after, applications to Europe and US will be submitted and approval is expected to follow 6-12 months after Australia. It is currently anticipated that Melanotan will be available by prescription in Australia in 2005/2006".

    As all this will take some time one can't expect strong price rises all the time. Acouch was asked for a chart and this illustrates the steepness of the slope: Post 125664:

    Now we do know that EPT has an extremely valuable product and there are are plenty of people wanting to buy shares.
    What we now need is some consolidation for a couple of weeks. The ensuing accumulation and hopefully a breakout later will be very good for this stock, more so as it will take some time before the actual commercialisation will start.

    I hope that as was the case with BLT and VCR, the market will be in favour of that.

    My next post will show the article previously referred to.

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