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share consolidation and code change

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    An extract from the JUM/MNL(Manaccom)Latetst announcement :

    7 December 2007


    Manaccom Corporation Limited (formerly Jumbo Corporation Limited) confirms that
    the share consolidation approved at the AGM on 22 November 2007 has been finalized today, 7 December 2007, and new shareholding details are being dispatched today to all shareholders.

    As a result of the 1:10 consolidation, allowing for rounding-down, there will be a total of 44,806,961 new ordinary fully-paid shares on issue. These new shares will trade under the code JUM on 10 December 2007, but the Company’s new code MNL will apply from Tuesday 11 December 2007.

    We also advise that the Company’s unlisted share options have been adjusted accordingly and there are now a total of 1,625,000 on issue with an exercise price of $1.00 expiring 4 July 2009.

    Bill Lyne
    Company Secretary
    Phone: 0418 874 175
    Email: [email protected]

    N.B. For details on the full announcement go to www.manaccom.com
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