MCO 0.00% 11.0¢ morning star gold n.l.

shamrock mining licence holds more gold

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    as a lazy exercise in updating my understanding of the Shamrock dyke I had a quick peek at old announcements. i didn't uncover too much besides this cut & paste job below. anyways, the reference to Shamrock in the last quarterly just reinforces the fact that MCO are sitting on a tenement package that is brim full of future high grade gold mines.

    The Shamrock mine is just southeast of the Morning Star on the same Ross Creek Shear Zone.

    MIN 5480 covers the historic Shamrock Mine & workings & is less than 2km southeast of the Morning Star mine. Production records at the Shamrock were historically noted to be rich in gold, copper, palladium and cobalt. It is very close to the rich Comet and Little Comet mines…….
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