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    re: t4p good post Billy and all following SLT.

    I follow eagerly as I have invested in this one also. I do not trade it as I am not in front of a screen all day any more. Just check things out at night when I get home.

    The point I want to make though is that things can go wrong for any number of reasons. I learned that during the Asian crisis as well as the Tech Wreck when events not directly related to the companies I had invested in screwed things up big time.

    That's not to say it will go wrong with SLT/PBI etc as I really believe it won't, but there is always a possibility.

    This is where each and every one of us decides what risks we are prepared to take and hence decide on buying, holding or selling any stock.

    I appreciate input from all as it is all about opinions - whether positive or negative.

    Ultimately the decision is mine and mine alone no matter what anybody says.
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