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    "she has got those evil looking eyes that would tear someone a new one but all that comes out is tripe and dribble"

    SHY is the type of squawking politician I label a drongo.
    We used to call such fools drongo-shrikes, although the term "Don't be a drongo" originated from the overreaching, winless Aussie racehorse Drongo [1920's era] who ran second in the Victorian Derby then midfield in the Melbourne Cup three days later.
    BTW that's drongo-shrike not shriek or strike but perhaps interchangeable in SHY's case.
    Don't be a drongo Sarah, you have a brain try using it occasionally.

    The word drongo is used in Australian English as a mild form of insult tantamount to the term "idiot". This usage derives from an Australian racehorse of the ...
    The Spangled Drongo has glossy black plumage, with iridescent blue-green spots (spangles), a long forked tail and blood red eyes. Sexes are similar, but the female is ...

    1. a songbird with glossy black plumage and typically a long forked tail and a crest, found in Africa, southern Asia, and Australia.
    2. a stupid or incompetent person.
      "I gave that drongo fifty dollars and he only gave me change for ten!"
      synonyms: idiot · ass · halfwit · nincompoop · blockhead · buffoon · dunce ·

      3. an unusually SHY migratory songbird normally found in Southern Australian urban areas that takes migratory flight to warmer Mediterranean climes during winter where it makes repeated showy attempts becoming increasingly conspicuous and socially active characterized by a pretentious showy display; designed ostensibly to impress by uttering an ostentatious shrill mating call sounding somewhere between a loud shriek and a cacophonous squawk.

      Drongo, the bird that impersonates a MEERKAT to steal food ...
      Among the rolling red dunes of the Kalahari Desert, the song of the fork-tailed drongo provides a warning that predators are lurking close by.

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