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    SGH has been on a good run especially in recent weeks and I don't see that stopping. That is , today's high I don't see as the end of this Impulsive move that 1st started at the $6.08L. If you look at the L/T 2_Hourly Chart below you'll note that the peaks(above over_bought zones) on the CCI50 have almost without exception been at the wave(iii)high level of a 5_wave advance(this is highlighted in pink on the oscillator and by pink arrows on the SP).  Alternatively, the trough extremity levels(i.e. below the over_sold level) defines the penultimate low in most corrective moves.....(blue arrows and notations). All this is what I'll call "normalcy" in the use of this(and many others) oscillator. So if "normalcy" is to be maintained SGH will again find support soonish(maybe that 2nd GAP) b4 testing and probably moving beyond today's high.

    There are some other pieces of info shown on the Oscillator ... call them 'decision lines' ... but I'll let you interpret their usefulness.

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