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    ...via our News Radio, a Jewish man was interviewed on Danish Radio about the settlers in Gaza and elsewhere. It was astonishing stuff. Thoroughly angry at what the settlers (under the guidance of Sharon) are doing. He does not trust that ball of fat at all and suggests that what will happen is that the rabbis (called them crazy fanatics) will continue preaching hatred for the Palestinians, encourage the settlers to resist and to demonstrate, to bring in thousands of other fanatics in the area, so that the police can say, the job is too big and we can't do it, then Sharon will bring the IDF who will also say the job is too big, we can't do. The rabbis in the meantime encourage most vociferously the IDF not to obey Sharon (a most cynical dissemblance) and so there will be a stalemate.
    I cannot remember the name of this gentle soul but he was the head of some organisation promoting peace between the Pallies and Jews.
    He is disgusted with Bush and this whole administration and cannot see an end to ths bloodshed. The fanatics always win because they always spread dread and enormous fear in Israel.
    It's a pity it was a live interview. I don't think I can get the transcript. Can anyone else have a go please?
    Bumwiper and Yakshlt, remember I'm not listening! I know, I know, "who gives a shlt," right? Just thought I'd save you some time responding that's all!
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