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    Announcements getting closer. May be this afternoon?
    Could be one of 3.

    Maybe more re collaboration with Apath LLC of U.S. re Hep C drug? The collaboration will seek to discover novel compounds that will focus on uncovering a cure for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and other human viral pathogens.

    HCV is a virus that afflicts an estimated 170 million individuals worldwide and the market for HCV therapeutics is expected to grow to US$5 billion by 2010.

    Maybe re prostate cancer nutraceutical deal with Interhealth Biotechnologies(formerly Lane Laboratories) also in U.S. ?

    My tip is re QCIDE info from SUMITOMO Japan. QCIDE you beauty. Excellent Smithers. Share price still good value even if you missed my buy under 12c tip. Good up to 20c short term. Long term? will wait for more info.

    Research and make up your own minds. I presently hold BPO & VTI and am looking for other value biotechs.

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