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    Please someone correct me if they think the info is incorrect, but I am surprised this has not been mentioned earlier, but I was having a read thru the annual report and came across URL's interest ( which is 30% ) in the North Woodlawn Joint venture with Tri Origin Minerals (pg 17). TRO released details on 26/10 of the massive zinc find which is as follows courtesy of "fiery" on the TRO post
    " Zinc now at USD4,215/tonne - with a 10,100,000 tonne (total) ore body at 16.9% Zinc equivalent, this equates to an in ground value of USD7.2 billion or AUD9.5 billion.
    Measured 3,600Mt @17.2% Zn equiv @ USD4215 = USD2.6b (AUD3.5b)
    Indicated 4,980Mt @ 17.0% Zn equiv @ USD4215 = USD3.6b (AUD 4.7b)
    Inferred 1,520Mt @ 16.2% Zn equiv @ USD4215 = USD1.0b (AUD 1.4b)"
    Now this explains the sudden price rise, with IMHO it will rise even further as the market finds out URL's interest in this project which could equate to an inground value to URL of 2.9b AUD.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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