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serious joke

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    I try to keep a straight face dont know whether to laugh or cry.

    I just couldn't work out how the short sellers could afford to keep the price down I mean how many stocks are out there they can get hold of to short sell.

    Oh and then i am told for a fee they can short sell anyone who has these held in trust so they are short selling out retail investors until they finally all stop bailing out and then they will turn the whole thing on its head

    If the anouncemnet thurs/fri is positiove and results are strong and update is comprehensive and the shares still go further down like they have after every other anouncement I think I will rip my clothes off and run around naked screeming until some one takes me aawy and locks me uop in a mental asylym. Then in 6mths to a year i can come out with SP value retored living in a sane world shopping at centro and living comftably off my 100K dividend + property rental and I can be a simple stay home dad while my wife works

    PS I bought 120,000 increased holding from 45,000 shares to 165,000. But this joke has gone on long enough redraw out of home loan for this last batch

    that makes 9 buyins average price now 75....down from $6.70
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