seppos using new undetectable steroids

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    Athletes using new steroid will be caught: Pound
    World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound has warned drug cheats that technology will catch up to them and they will be caught.

    The governing body of world athletics is considering retesting urine samples taken during last month's World Championships in Paris after allegations were made about the possible use of a new drug.

    A test for a previously undetectable steroid known as THG has now been created, leading to calls for samples to be examined again.

    Positive results could lead to disqualifications and lengthy bans.

    The move follows reports that 20 American athletes have tested positive for the drug after new analysing procedures were introduced.

    Pound says the issue will be dealt with in the strongest way possible.

    "There are a lot of smart, intelligent, twisted people out there that are determined to destroy everything sport should stand for and I think they should be caught," he said.

    "Everytime you catch somebody like this it sends out a warning in the first place and it also atunes the public more to the fact that there are people cheating and they are ruining sport."
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