seppos sabotage hostage release

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    Hostage's brother accuses US over freedom moves
    By PA News Reporters
    23 September 2004

    The brother of British hostage Kenneth Bigley today accused the American government of "sabotaging" moves to free his brother.

    Paul Bigley said that his brother had been granted a "stay of execution" by yesterday's announcement by Iraqi authorities that they would free female prisoner Dr Rihab Taha - a key demand of the hostage-takers.

    But the American authorities in Iraq moved swiftly to say that the former germ warfare specialist, who is in their custody, would not be freed.

    Following the release of a direct video plea from Mr Bigley to ask Prime Minister Tony Blair to intervene, Paul Bigley today said that the UK and US should keep out of what should be an internal Iraqi affair.

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