seppos learn the hard way

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    In case it wasn't obvious, not everybody wants to be a servant to the nazis or the seppos. Funny that.

    US military power an 'unprecedented change', expert says

    An Australian foreign policy expert says the military power of the United States is leading it to set its own international agenda.

    Professor Owen Harries today delivers the first of the ABC's annual Boyer Lectures, looking at whether the US will be a benign or imperial power.

    Professor Harries says the US power is an unprecedented and fundamental change in the world system, built on the key fact of America's military power.

    "One of the most important American legacies of the Cold War - perhaps the most important - was the existence of an enormously powerful military machine and establishment," he said.

    Professor Harries says America's military strength now tempts the US to try to remake the world in its own image.

    "As is often the case in politics, the availability of means, tended to determine ends, and power to set its own agenda," he said.

    The first of the Boyer Lectures will be broadcast on ABC's Radio National today at 5:00pm AEDT.

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