sep 11 - i'm sure this a poster on h/c??!!! lol

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    Yet..another conspiracy...

    9/11 conspiracy author to visit US

    December 04, 2002

    A FRENCH author who argues the September 11 attacks were devised by a faction of the US military is planning to promote his book on an American tour that will begin in New York.

    Thierry Meyssan's book, 9-11, The Big Lie, also suggests that the Pentagon was hit by an American missile, and not a hijacked plane.

    USA Books, a subsidiary of the book's French publisher, said he could launch the tour as early as this month.

    Spokesperson Asad Lalljee said the dates had not been set, but the publicity blitz was likely to include interviews with several major TV news shows that had expressed interest.

    In the book, the left-wing author suggests that the attacks were plotted to promote a US military agenda that included waging war in Afghanistan.

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