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    anyone care to have a sensible discussion about GDN trading today and into next week?

    I have many of the nob posters on ignore (you know who you are I'm sure); but would just like to hear some various views on GDN's trading and prospects from those with more than glib one liners and lame attempts at humour.

    Now oppies are out of the road and with frac results coming soon I would have thought a recovery to mid-40s is on the cards. A fair bit of buying today, but was quickly slapped down late arvo ..... call it a draw today (despite once cent rise on good volume ... but I'm starting to think the buyers could win the fight tomorrow.

    disclaimer: (and you won't see this from the pathetic downrampers) ... i own a small parcel of recently bought GDN trading stock. Please please please use the ignore button to ensure that hot copper remains a decent and useful place to come for information and discussion.
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