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    please tell me your views on what you think NDO;s current price has factored in with regard to Barrels of resource?
    in other words-how many barrels do you guys think this company has?
    I noticed other oil companys can value their proven resources at between US$13 + perB. This is quite a discount to the current spot price. Beach has 11mb and its capped at $240m or $22b reserve. They are in production though. So NDO resource could easily be worth us$12-15b x resource. I think NDO could have between 10-30mb X US$13. the company has 634m on issue.
    Low range $170m = 26c per share value
    High range $513m = 80c per share value.

    Any further upside from this could be possible with further exploration etc.
    Im not ramping the story, after going to their web site and doing the maths, the numbers are possible. there is every chance the stock could double from here and still be trading at a large discount to its peers. Any views on this? please research and dont take my word for it, as im still not 100% sure on the numbers. NDO will need to tell the market the numbers before we can really value the stock but the current rampaging oil price is not bad for the cause. Take a look at HDR, allowing for its proven reserves and upside potential, NDO is a puppy with similar upside. I was told the area is very similar in that it was formed around the same time with proven oil production. The latest area grab by NDO gives them a lot of exploration upside with the big boys doing their thing around them. I am hanging out to find out what this thing has got and i dont expect it to be far away after reading their previous announcements. i am lookin for the downside and its not looking big from a value point of view. I bought the stock because i saw it as buying a cheap asset..hope i am right. If ndo ever does a farm in agreement on its new ground with a major, the stock will simply fly as it validates the ground. I can only hope that happens as there is no gurantee. the suff in the north sea is also good. the web site basically tells us thta gas has already been found there.
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