sense of humor

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    It strikes me that the capacity to have a laugh at oneself is one of Man's greatest attributes.

    And that the lack of any sense of humor causes a lot of the world's major problems.

    That a single group/tribe of mankind cannot see any humor - in anything, and, more particularly, regarding themselves,
    without rushing into the streets on a mob's mass rage rampage, killing, screaming rage and revenge, and promoting retaliatory violence and mayhem, in addition oputting into place ongoing death threats towards the authors of the humor, is a very tragic, and dangerous, affair.

    That any such group can consider themselves so sacrosant, so elitist, so cherished as God's special race, not to be made fun of under any circumstance, and taking every word and deed of others out of context and without any goodwill or self-deprecating humor, is to me a crime against one's fellow man/woman, and shows a serious flaw in the relevant dogmas and rhetoric of such people, and a complegte lack of humanity or consideration or love for others.

    Whether it was the Inquisition, Henry V111 and his wives,
    Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Bhuddists or Callathumpians, this IS the 21st century. I would say - grop up, people! Reloax! HAve a laugh!

    It's about time these people grew up - relaxed, and learnt to laugh. And love their neighbours; hacking off people's heads, sending people to gulags, gassing people in concentration camps, and the rampant demeaning of women, are all indications of this deplorable lack of any sense of humor or love for one's fellow humans.

    No remorse - no regret - no realisation of the horror one has done to one's fellows? To me, it indicates deep seated physcopathic tendencies. And a world based on hatred is not a world we, in this age, should have to tolerate.

    No one race/religion should be "protected", or "excluded", from criticism - or have to be left out of the scope of our sense of humor. And we should not be afariad to mention the "hallowed word" of Irish, Jew, Aussie Convict, Muslim Bhurkas, etc. We are all of the same flesh and blood.

    Some would say that this preciousness of various "religions" is the curse of the world.

    And Freedom of Speech, surely, is our right - whatever the venue, within the bounds of human decency.

    Laughter IS the best medicine. Free laughter - we should not have to analyze, and be frightened, by every word we utter.
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