senator alston must act now.

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    I was watching the repeat of the movie show on SBS last night. David Straton made this absolutely appalling
    comment which showed dangerous liberal leanings. To paraphase what he said:- He said that the Government was in the area of censorship trying to take Australia back to the nineteen fiftees. Of course one of the things the government is trying to keep secret is that they intend to take Australia back to the fifties in every way that they can.

    Senator Alston must act. SBS must be told

    1) soccer must always be referred to as wogball.

    2) no showing pussies in foreign films until after midnight.

    3) Euphemisms must be used in sub titles. No more translation into the Australian vernacular.

    4) Care must be taken in the Global Village program to make sure in episodes about Austalia that they do not refer to any projects done by Labour Governments.

    In my next posting I shall deal with channel 31.
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