senate: no confidence motion in howard

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    Senate may pass no confidence motion

    The Senate is likely to pass a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister today over his handling of the Iraq crisis.

    The motion was put in the Senate yesterday, as both houses of Parliament engaged in an emotional debate over a possible war against Iraq.

    Labor Senator Nick Bolkus used the debate to accuse the Prime Minister of cowardice.

    "This sanctimonious handwriting is nothing but a cover for a lack of courage, a lack of ticker," he said.

    "If he really believed what he was doing, he would open up and tell the Australian public the truth about the engagement, the truth about the commitment.

    "He loves to be photographed with the armed forces, but he's never been brave enough to fight with them."

    Labor, the Democrats, the Greens and Independent senators Meg Lees and Shane Murphy say they will support the no confidence motion, when it is put to a vote today.

    (From the ABC)
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