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    Nt: Seminar in WA this weekend? Nt,

    I have indicated on numerous occasions to Hardman/Hardman staff thru e-mails and at the last Melbourne road show that a majority of Australia's population lives in the Eastern side, yet we are the most media starved on Hardman news, if any media news at all.
    My complaints have fallen on deaf ears in the Hardman office.BR>
    A fat lot of good that would be having a seminar in Albany to a hand full as compared to a seminar which would be more benefical to Hardman in say Melbourne and Sydney.
    NT, don't get me wrong I'm not having a shot at you but if Teddy boy is to be attending a seminar on the invitation of some broker then surely we in the eastern states are to be given the same treatment, come on Melbourne/Sydney brokers.
    Knowing my judgment tomorrows newspapers will be full of Hardman news with details of a road show/seminar.

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