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    I definately agree with your assesment that the cash asset backing should see ECP lift towards the $1 mark.
    As to SMS and now next gen MMS ( Multi media messaging services) from my travels to HK and Sing and watching the teenagers in pubs, SMS is money for Jam.
    as I understand it the phones are already connected to the individual cells at any time.

    The phone is sending its details to the cell and thus to the next work. The SMS is an addition data stream to the already transmitted data. This way however, the companies can charge 0.25c for the interprative airtime with additional data ( the sms message).

    Personally, I would rather just have a conversation - but the Gen Y's & Our oriental mates are using this tech constantly.

    Perhaps a tech head can detail this further.

    Back to ECP:-
    I would like to view the CrownGames site, however as Australian we are restricted. Money then must go offshore to the US or Russian Mob. ( How about Australian Business Howard !!)

    With $200 Million in the bank expect diversification into bricks and morter assets, perhaps acqusitions of coles and wollies online shopping ?

    They have proven that they have shareholders in mind with their low cash burn. I am looking forward to the next few months......

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