Selling The Cash Cow

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    Why on earth would you sell your best asset? The stable from memory has ninemsn/wizard/jobsearch(Monster from memory) and Ebay. OK Wizard would be making good money in this environment however the mortgage lending will stop with the impending real estate market correction and should see them with lots of loan defaults. The job market into the future doesnt look all that bright as we are seeing so many large corporations trimming their workforce (ie. CBA reporting billions in profit then announcing they are cutting their workforce). Ninemsn has the web hits but when is it going to start making money from product sales (desktop sms has been touted around as a money earner). Advertising isnt the best place to be in a nervous market and Microsoft dont seem to be offering very much for nothing in their relationship with this mix.
    There is hundreds of millions of shares on issue and a huge market capitalisation.
    I dont think this move is all that wise unless of course they have a better e-business opportunity which I doubt could match the quality of Ebay
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