Selling Out Australian Investors to Chinese

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    It's all going according to the grand plan as orhestrated by the thugs in Canberra. The Government reckons that we as a country don't have our own money. Apparently, we need foreign investment, we are told. A vicious lie with dire consequences, like a Chinese takeover of our assets.

    The Management at Cockatoo Coal (COK) are playing out exactly according to this grand plan of Canberra. The management have performed an 86% dilution for Australian Investors with almost complete ownership of Cockatoo Coal being transferred to the Chinese/Singaporean NOBLE GROUP, in the middle of the night while no one was watching and the stock were in a trading halt. All Australian shareholders wiped out overnight.

    The management will of course reward themselves for a job well done, with billions of stock options at a much reduced strike price, as soon as the dust has settled, and the thugs in Canberra will tip their hats to them, for performing according to plan.

    If anyone wishes to throw more money to the Giant Singaporean Commodities Trader NOBLE GROUP, you may be able to do so on the market on Tuesday morning.
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